Greek Gala

Honoring Our Heroes


Charles Larry Moses Scholarships



those who have served in the U.S. Military



William “Fox” Jones President’s Award


Join the festivities on May 7, 2021!

 Regular – $30

Support an Honoree

Promote a business or event

  • Patron – $5 
  • Flyer (10 in. x 7.5 in.) – $25
  • Video (Landscape; max 30 sec) –  $50


We are using Whova as our platform for the Greek Gala. Within this application, each vendor will have their own Virtual Booth (or page) to display their items and have the ability to set it up to fit their own needs.

Q: What do I post in my Virtual Booth?

A: You may post:

    • Company Contact info
    • Logo
    • List any promotions being offered (i.e. raffle, giveaways, discounts)
    • Photos of products
    • Upload videos (youtube, zoom, vimeo, etc)
    • Upload Handouts/Documents
    • Live stream from your own meeting room (i.e. Zoom, google hangouts,  MS teams, skype, gotomeetings, etc.)
      • Post live stream schedule, including dates/times when you expect to be live.

Q: How will the potential customers interact with me?

A: Users can:

    • Signup for your mailing list
    • Enter the giveaway/raffle
    • View pre-recorded videos
    • Enter questions/comments in the chat
    • “Like” your booth
    • Visit you while you are live streaming

Q: If I am away and someone visits the booth, how will I keep track of that? 

A: You will receive a notification when someone enters the room.

Q: How long can I advertise my business? 

A: Your booth will be open for use and viewing April 30 – May 14, 2021. 

Q: Do I have to be live or available at all times?

A: No, you may post hours that you will be available live within the booth to set expectations for potential customers.

Q: How will I receive payments for my sales?

A: You can define that process yourself, just as you would for an in person event.

Greek Gala Vendors

Small Business owners are encouraged to sell their products at the Greek Gala! 

Register for $45

Please Note: Anyone intending to sell Greek paraphernalia must be licensed with each organization whose merchandise they intend to sell.