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It truly is an honor to serve as the President of the National Pan-Hellenic Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  I have watched in awe as the Council has moved together in unity to solve problems of mutual interests.  I have watched how together they have brainstormed solutions.  Under the last administration, there has been unprecedented growth.  As Immediate Past President Allen turned over the gavel to me, I felt the immense pride and commitment that she had towards this Council.   I will proudly carry those same sentiments with me as I represent you.

Greek life is truly under attack.  We cannot turn on the television without hearing yet another horrifying story of initiations gone wrong.  It makes no difference the organization as people just assume that it is one of our organizations.  My goal is to change the dialogue and narrative as it pertains to our beloved Greek community.  We are NOT what they try to say that we are.

To that end, I am so excited for the various programs (educational and service) that are being planned.  We are working hard to ensure that Southeastern Pennsylvania sees what we already see: GREEKS WORKING TOGETHER TO HELP THE COMMUNITY.  I thank you for doing what Divine Nine Greeks do best: SERVE.  Let us continue to be the change that we want to see in the world and in thus doing, we will change the narrative of Greek life. 

As always, it is my reminder to you that we were not Divine until we were all nine.  Nine is the number of God’s perfect love.  Let us resemble that as we serve God’s people and remind the world that the Divine Nine is not for the disrespect and blatant disregard of our founding principles.  We take our collective reputation very seriously.  We are brothers and sisters who strive to embody all that our respective founders wanted for us.  We are God’s perfect love for His people. 

Yours in unified service, 

Jennifer A. Santiago, Esquire

“But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.” Matthew 23:11

Member Organizations

Alpha Phi Alpha

Founded 1906

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Founded 1908

Kappa Alpha Psi

Founded 1911

Omega Psi Phi

Founded 1911

Delta Sigma Theta

Founded 1913

Phi Beta Sigma

Founded 1914

Zeta Phi Beta

Founded 1920

Sigma Gamma Rho

Founded 1922

Iota Phi Theta

Founded 1963

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